Strange at it may seem - this month you may be watching college basketball being played in empty arenas. According to NBC Sports, the Ivy League actually cancelled their post-season tournament. And the Mid-American and Big West tournaments will be playing with no spectators allowed.

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What about the Big Ten? So far, that tourney will happen as scheduled with no changes.

According to, Tuesday, Coach Tom Izzo said the Spartans were preparing for the possibility of playing some games of the NCAA Tournament in empty arenas.

“It won’t matter. I’m just going to wait and see what the people say and do whatever they say. If they say we play in empty arenas, we play in empty arenas. If they say we play in full arenas we play in full arenas.”

This March may be like no other. First up - the Big Ten tournament in Indianapolis. Friday night, the Spartans play the winner of tomorrow's Ohio State - Purdue game.




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