Let me just start by saying, I get it. I see where they were going with this. But SOME PEOPLE on the internet are always going to nitpick.

Last week, the MSU Spartan football team started practicing for the upcoming season. To get everybody pumped up, they handed out "work shirts". Shirts that mechanics and people who get dirty for a living would wear. On these shirts they had embroidered name patches with everybody's name, this year's slogan - "Heave!" and the Chinese characters for the saying, "Do The Work" (and yeah - here comes a little copy and paste action) - 守株待兔 - pronounced "Shǒu zhū dài tù".

HOWEVER - some people have informed the Spartans, via comments on Twitter, that the translation (my source is an article from Vision Times), is actually, "Watching a tree stump, waiting for rabbits". The phrase refers to a story about a hunter who saw a rabbit run into a tree stump and die, so he decided to sit and wait for more rabbits to run into the tree stump - so he wouldn't have to work hard hunting for them.

So, you know they told all the players that story and then (I'm assuming) Coach Dantonio then got up and said, "Don't be that guy. Put a little hard work in and we'll win some championships!" And then they all took swig of Gatorade and went to practice. Or something like that. I get the "Do The Work" thing, but they probably should've just put THAT on the patches - not the Chinese characters. And I hope none of those kids got that tattooed anywhere, 'cuz that's gonna cause some problems on spring break.

Here's the Tweet:


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