150 years. A sesquicentennial. That's a long time. And a big achievement if something has been around that long.

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That achievement is one being celebrated by Michigan State University's Beal Botanical Garden.

MSU's Botanical Garden is Celebrating 150 Years

Michigan State University's Beal Botanical Garden is turning 150 years old. Check out the Facebook post that the Michigan State University Archives put out to help announce the historic moment.

How cool is that picture of a little girl sitting on a real-life lily pad? That thing is freaking huge!

Events Celebrating Beal Botanical Garden's 150 Years

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Beal Botanical Garden is hosting a series of events;

  • Nurture Your Roots Opening Ceremony, June 20th, 12 - 1 pm - Celebrating those dedicated to well-being at MSU
  • 150th Anniversary Festival, September 13th - Time and details, TBD
  • Music in the Garden and Library History Exhibit Opening, June 25th, 1 - 4 pm - Enjoy an "interactive experience of music, art, and science."
  • Beal Botanical Garden 150th Anniversary Tour, July 15th, 10 - 11 am - Enjoy a guided historic tour of the Beal Botanical Garden

This will surely be a historic celebration to be a part of. Yes, the Beal Botanical Garden is celebrating 150 years, but did you know that it's also the "oldest continuously operated university botanical garden in the United States"?

If you are just as fascinated by this as I am and you'd like to learn more about the history of the Beal Botanical Garden, you can see a timeline HERE. It lists major events since its establishment in 1873.

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