What will de-throne "Escanaba In da Moonlight" as the next classic Upper Peninsula movie? (So close, "Somewhere in Time" - sorry, just a couple more miles and you would've been there) Zoe Kanters, a true Yooper from Norway, MI and her friends are giving it a shot this week with their movie, "Up There".

According to MLive.com, Zoe and her friends Daniel Weingarten and Michael Blaustein were living in L.A., chasing the Hollywood dream, when they decided to chuck it all and come home to film their own movie in the U.P. Two years ago, Zoe, Daniel, Michael and their small crew filmed the movie while living at Zoe's mom's house in Norway. Sometimes you have to make your own destiny.

The movie is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play right now. Plus, they've had some screenings in actual theaters this week. Zoe, Daniel and Michael will screen the movie and do a Q&A session at the the State Theater in Ann Arbor tonight and tomorrow night and at the Maple Theater in Bloomfield Hills on November 17th (Sunday). Zoe says the goal is to "make the money back and hopefully make another film.”

Good luck to them. Hopefully their next movie is already in the works. Here's the story.

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