Just as the announcement was made that the intersection of Cedar Street and Aurelius Road was going to open, (read more about that here) it appears that there is another road construction project getting underway in the Lansing area. This morning the orange cones were reportedly being set up on Aurelius Road between Miller Road and Jolly Road.

Let me say, that this is the road I take going to and from work so it's gonna be a hassle for me that there's going to be road construction in this area. However, let me also say that for those drivers who repeatedly have to drive down Aurelius, it's time for some fixes. (Especially if you drive south on Aurelius just south of Dan Henry. That dip in the road is obnoxious.)

I called the Ingham County Road Department this morning to find out more about the new project. They told me that it was a City of Lansing project. I called the City of Lansing phone number and they told me that the project is expected to take about a week. They are apparently doing some maintenance to the manhole covers. So, that dip in the road near Dan Henry? Well, it might still be there...stay tuned!




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