Earlier this week, we told you that Aurelius Road between Enterprise and Jolly Road would be closed all week because of railroad repairs. (If you missed that news, you can click here to get caught up.) Since traveling that stretch of Aurelius Road is part of my normal route into work, I've had to find a different way in this week. I live on the west side of Holt, so my personal detour route this week has been taking Washington Avenue north to Jolly Road.

Well...now it appears that there's also going to be some road construction starting in that area as well later this week. According to the giant digital sign at Washington and Edgewood Boulevard, northbound Washington Avenue is scheduled to be closed starting this Friday, May 17th. At this point, that's all about all I know as there's nothing on the MDOT map about the construction and I haven't seen anything posted about it on the City of Lansing Facebook page. Stay tuned!

**UPDATE AS OF WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th at 10:00am** Here's what the City of Lansing posted on Facebook about the road closure. It's only supposed to last a day! :)

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