There will be more drive-thru testing places in our area for COVID-19 as another retailer starts with testing. According to MLive, CVS is the retailer that will be doing testing starting on Friday, with drive-thru swab testing.

The drive-thru coronavirus test will administrated by you, but you will have a CVS pharmacists there to help and make sure you did it correctly. Along with that you will not have to leave your car as there will be a drive-thru area to pick up and drop off the test.  In addition, after the test CVS will send it to a third-party lab where the results will be shared in approximately three days.

Not everyone needs to take the coronavirus test, but according to recent Governor orders if you have been working outside your home for at least 10 days or if you have even mild symptoms of coronavirus you should take a test.

Finally, if you are wondering about health insurance, you will need to bring your card with you but there shouldn't be any out of pocket cost.

There is one CVS in our area where you can take the test at 240 M.A.C., East Lansing, MI 48823. You can schedule an appointment here.

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From Swab To Lab: A COVID-19 Test's Trip To Results

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