We had another great time this morning as we dropped three dozen delicious Bake N' Cakes South donuts off to Mike Chaney and his co-workers at PGW Auto Glass here in Lansing. As usual, our terrific Wittle Family members took time out of their busy day to welcome us into their place of business and spend some time with us.

I guarantee that if you've never been to PGW Auto Glass before (by the way, PGW stands for Pittsburgh Glass Works) you probably have never seen so many different kinds of windshields in one place in your life. Being an Average Joe like myself, it was pretty cool to see all of the different glass products that PGW provides that we all use in our daily lives, from personal to business transportation.

Jeff Johnson, our long time friend and promotional partner at WITL and the owner of Bake N' Cakes Lansing on Kalamazoo and Bake N' Cakes South on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard has outdone himself once again with his new location in South Lansing. If you are anywhere near a Bake N' Cakes location, you owe it to yourself to start your day with their incredibly delicious baked goods, especially those great donuts that we are proud to serve to our Donut Drop winners every week.

Thanks to Bake N' Cakes South for the donuts, and to Mike and his colleagues at PGW Auto Glass for spending time with WITL today.

I'd love to drop some donuts off at your workplace some morning, too. If you'd like to get signed up for the Wittle @ Work Donut Drop, you can do that right here.

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