Curbside, no thanks! I choose my groceries by drone express.

Retail chain giant, Kroger is starting a new pilot program to get your groceries to you, with a drone! Kroger teamed up with Drone Express, to help get people their groceries by a drone.

The downside of our current technology though is your max weight limit for a drone to carry something with, is up to 5 pounds. With that being said, Kroger will start by bundling product offers, according to WILX.

The retailer would have you bundle light objects like deodorant, soap, and other products that could be bundled up and wouldn't go over the drone's max weight limit.

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So, let's talk about how the drone is supposed to get to you.

Apparently, as long as you have a smartphone, the drone will be able to track your location with your smartphone.

With this new delivery option, you could be at places like a park, beach, even campground, and get some of the supplies you want and or need for that trip, without actually havening to make the trip to the store.

The first set of tests for this new program are set to start this week at the Kroger in Centerville, Ohio.

Would you be willing to try this new delivery option for groceries?

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