Everyone is hurting these days, or at least having to adjust their lives - and that includes dairy farmers. I've gone to the store and at times, seen all the milk gone from the shelves. And yet - dairy farmers are dumping milk because there's nowhere to sell it. So, what gives?

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People are buying more milk at grocery stores, but, without schools open and restaurants reduced to takeout orders in most places, demand and prices are way down. According to MLive.com, dairy farmers are making half what they were a few months ago. Now, with spring coming up and cows about to produce a lot more milk, dairy farmers are already being forced to dump milk in Indiana and Wisconsin - and farmers in Michigan may be forced to do the same.

The farmers argue, without some help, the dairy industry will be "decimated" and when demand does go back up - the supply won't be there.

This may not be a problem for everyone, but dairy is HUGE business in Mid-Michigan. Here's hoping they figure something out.

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