The most Michigan of what I call the "dad reality shows" is about to start it's second season in a few weeks. According to, "The Curse of Civil War Gold" is slated to be back on the History channel on April 23rd at 10PM. If you've never seen it, "The Curse of Civil War Gold" is a brother of "The Curse of Oak Island" with Oak Island star and Michigan native, Marty Lagina, playing the role of "the guy the treasure hunters have to impress to get more money to continue searching".

The premise of the show? At the end of the Civil War, Union soldiers with the Michigan 4th Cavalry intercepted wagons full of Confederate President Jefferson Davis' gold and silver stash and smuggled it to Muskegon. In a later effort to launder the gold by taking it out west, a large shipment sank to the bottom of Lake Michigan, when the boxcar it was being transported in, fell off a boat.

Season one ended with injuries, the possible discovery of pieces of a boxcar in Lake Michigan and a video that seemed to show something gold on the bottom of the lake.

I'll be back for more on April 23rd. Here's the story.

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