Yeah - I never did stop to think about it, but now that recreational marijuana is legal, what happens to all those dogs trained for the police and DEA and TSA to sniff out pot? You'd think they'd be overwhelmed when it's going to be all around them. I'd hate to think some of the brothers and sisters of my German Shepherd Axel, who were going to be law enforcement dogs, were about to be out of work.

According to ClickOnDetroit, it won't be a huge problem. Most Michigan State Police dogs are cross-trained to do other jobs and will still be used to sniff out pot in schools and prisons and other places where it will still be illegal. And the State Police will still use dogs to sniff out explosives, cadavers and - I'd never heard this before - child porn.

According to, dogs are now used as electronic storage detection dogs—ESD dogs for short. They search out SD cards and hard drives where child porn is stored. That's how they got the Subway guy -Jared Fogle. Here's a great article about how they're used.

So, don't worry - like Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw says about their dogs, "They want to work. Nobody is retiring early to Florida."

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