Raise your hand if you ever brought some animal home and thought it might be a cool pet and your mom or dad told you, "Hey, why don't we let that lizard/snake/stray dog/cat/injured bird go back to it's mom".

Yeah, me, too.

Well, that's just happened to everybody in Lower Michigan. Dad, uh... I mean the Michigan DNR, made us get rid of the lynx we caught.

According to the Detroit News, that Canada lynx that got caught chowing down on geese in The Thumb last month and ended up in the Howell Nature Center's Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (a lot of geese addicts end up in rehab there) and Detroit Zoo, was just released by the DNR  in the Upper Peninsula. The lynx (who we never even got to name) was released in Schoolcraft County on Friday. My guess is she's roaming around the Seney National Wildlife Refuge and about to sink her teeth into one of the many Trumpeter Swans I saw there.

Back to looking for bobcat kittens, kids.

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