Glenn Frey, who wrote or co-wrote many of the Eagles' biggest hits, passed away yesterday. Glenn, originally from Detroit (Royal Oak), was 67 years old.

Movie director and journalist Cameron Crowe interviewed Don Henley and Glenn Frey about how and where they wrote some of there biggest hits, back in 2003. Click here to read the article.

In November 1979, Rolling Stone published an article written by Charles M. Young, who had spent a year hanging out with the Eagles. In the article, we found out that Glenn was nicknamed "Roach", because he loved marijuana. According to the article, he WANTED to stay in Michigan, but.....

"Following graduation in 1966, Nellie wanted to send her son away to college. Glenn wanted to stay in the Detroit area and play music. They compromised at community college near home. She would not, however, leave it at that. Like Hughlene Henley, Nellie Frey had a taste for conspiracy.

"I went to his manager, Punch Andrews [also Bob Seger's manager], and asked him not to give Glenn any bookings unless he got good grades and stopped smoking marijuana," she remembers. "Glenn finally just told us to kiss off and packed up for California. 'Good luck,' I said. 'I can't give you anything now but love."'

Lucky for Glenn, it all worked out and he ended up writing or co-writing some of the greatest "country-rock" songs of all time.

With apologies for some of the language, here's the full article. Good writing about a legendary band at the top of their game.


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