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If you're headed to a Halloween party and want to avoid being dressed like someone else at the party, here are the costumes you might want to avoid. The numbers are in for the most popular Halloween costumes in Michigan for 2019 and I have to say that I'm a little surprised with some of the results. According to the Frightgeist, an interactive Halloween website that is powered by Google Trends, here are some of the most popular costumes for the great state of Michigan in 2019.

We'll start with the areas that are closest to us:

  • Werewolf was the most popular costume for the Lansing area. Umm...what?? Werewolf?? Why??
  • The dinosaur was the most popular costume for people near Grand Rapids.
  • Descendants was one number for the Detroit area.
  • In the Flint area, it's all about IT.
  • The skeleton was the number one choice in the Traverse City area
  • And in the Alpena area, Cookie Monster was #1

Click here to see the Frightgeist costume map and see what all the other states are picking for costumes this year. If you want to compare, here is the top 15 most searched Halloween costumes for 2019, according to




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