When you ask a question like 'What’s the craziest thing that you’ve ordered online during our self-distancing" you just never know what kind of responses you're going to get. Last week we asked this question on social media and some of the unique responses included a leash for a pet tortoise, a "lip plumper suction thing," wine, hair curlers and more. But one of my favorite responses was from a woman named Brit, who said she had ordered some suckers for her cats. Suckers for cats you ask? Yes, it's apparently a thing. You stick them on the wall and the cats lick them. And as Brit explained, "they have vitamins and catnip and such in em... whitening tooth paste too..."

So, of course I had to do some research. I went straight to Amazon and typed in 'cat suckers' and sure enough...here's one of the pictures/items that popped up.

Photo courtesy of Amazon
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Umm...so...if you want to buy some, here they are...

There's actually quite a few options for 'cat suckers'. They seem a little pricey and the reviews aren't tremendous but hey, watching your cat lick a sucker on the wall is priceless. Right?

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