A photo of a man named Andre standing on iced over Lake Charlevoix, has gone viral, CLEARLY handing Michigan the "Best and Clearest Lake Ice in the World" trophy. If there is such a thing. Which there should be.

According to MLive.com, the ice Andre is standing on in the photo is 2.5 inches thick. The photo was taken on January 15th of this year. So if you were up there a couple of weeks ago and didn't walk out on the ice and take a photo, you missed out on being world famous. As our new President would Tweet - "sad". According to Andre, 10-15% of people commenting on his Facebook post are "naysayers", who apparently think the photo isn't real. However, the ice in the photo is so clear, in part, because the lake froze on a couple of nights with no wind to agitate the water.

And nobody wants to be around Lake Charlevoix when it gets agitated.


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