The Cleveland Browns might need a new football coach. And O.J. Simpson thinks he knows JUST the right person. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. So, thanks?

I don't know what one does with that piece of information. But O.J. is a guy who plays golf and, when he gets an extra minute or two, takes to Twitter to share his thoughts. He does know something about football. And Twitter doesn't care what you may or may not have done before you joined Twitter.

According to USAToday, this past Monday, The Juice was playing golf (from the video, he was certainly AT a golf course) when he paused to praise Bill Belicheck and Joe Flacco and solve the Cleveland Browns' coaching problem. The "elixer" to Cleveland's problems? Jim Harbaugh, who O.J. says was better at coaching in the NFL than college. (There's a back-handed compliment, if I ever heard one)

And then, I assume, it was back to hunting down the real killer, who O.J. obviously has narrowed down to a golf pro living in Las Vegas

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