I'm all about simple and easy. Especially these days. We all have been frustrated at some point about tasks we had to do at the Secretary of State's office. Years ago, it was such a pain and time consuming. During the pandemic it could take a few months when you made an appointment online. Well, better days are ahead.

The Michigan Secretary of State's office has done some great work online on their self-service capabilities. Folks can now do their driver's license and state ID transactions according to fox47news.com.

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In an article I wrote last week, The Department of State's system went offline util Tuesday morning to set up the massive upgrades.

You can now renew or replace an enhanced driver's license or state ID online if no new photo is required. You can also view the status of a license or state ID, check your driving record, or even add a motorcycle endorsement.

"Customers will now be able to renew or replace their driver’s licenses and IDs at any of their more than 130 new self-service stations across the state, and renew or replace their enhanced licenses and IDs online," Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says.

We have continuously expanded and improved customer options and service, even during the pandemic, and this upgrade will truly make our operations better than ever

This is so cool and gonna make all our lives just a little bit easier.  So now the next time your license expires, or you need to renew your plates it will be done in a flash.

This is something that will make our lives a little bit easier and give us one less thing to stress about.

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