So if you're looking to change careers there really are many good companies hiring. I have been telling you over the past weeks about all the job fairs that are happening. A lot of companies are even doing walk-in interviews like UWM Careers on June 17th. This from So if you're not working or need a change, there are plenty of jobs to pick from these days.

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According to there are comments being made on social media after CATA posted about Bus Drivers needed, and they will be hiring.

CATA Is Now Hiring Bus Drivers

Rumor has it that they are spending a lot of money to get new drivers in the company and they’re not taking care of the drivers that have been here for years. This from ATU Local 1039 Vice President Steve Clem.

CATA said in a statement that, "Like all employers, competition for qualified talent is currently a challenge. Although CATA operators are among the highest paid drivers in public transportation in the state of Michigan, management recently implemented a 3 percent pay increase for all bus operators and invited union leadership to return to the bargaining table to continue to negotiate in good faith.


We will see how this pans out, contract negations with CATA, bus drivers, as well as mechanics happen on the19th of this month.

CATA Salaries and Benefits and How To Apply

Right now they are offering new hires a $2500.00 signing bonus, $17.50 per hour while training. no experience required, and they are hiring for full and part-time positions. I think it would be fun to drive a bus. If you would like to apply you can do it at

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