Have you ever found some money, or even been given back too much change at a grocery store?  It seems to happen to me a lot lately. Sometimes I think it's God testing me, lol

There is a Quality Dairy near me, and there is a sweet lady there that is always giving me back too much change if I play the lottery.  Something to do with the way she rings me up. Once she gave back $10 too much, a few weeks later it was $20. and the last time $5 bucks.  I told her to be careful because some folks may not give it back.  I am a believer in being honest or it WILL come back to haunt you.

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How The Cash Was Lost

It is awesome to see honest people in this world, check this out, the owners of a Michigan butcher shop lost something that we all never want to lose, an envelope filled with cash according upi.com. It was supposed to be brought to the bank, but instead, it ended up on the side of a road, It was then found and returned to the shop. How cool is that?

Tim Sobie, owner of Sobie Meats in Walker, said he and his wife, Teresa, were frantically searching for the deposit bag after they apparently dropped it somewhere inside or just outside of the store, but they could find no trace of the wayward cash. We looked everywhere retracing our steps, all our employees were looking for it all day. Just sick inside that it was misplaced somewhere.


This Is One Honest Fella

So darn cool, A camera later showed the man had been driving past the store when he saw the envelope on the ground and stopped to pick it up.  Yes, he was given a well-deserved reward, a gift card from the store.

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