A Michigan woman got herself trapped in a folding chair and needed the jaws of life to help her get out after making a "stuck fetish" video.

Yeah, you read that right. I can't make this kind of stuff up.

How the videos started

Sydney Jo, 27, lives in Ann Arbor and she's been creating content for the fetish community for nine years.

According to Buzzfeed News, The "stuck videos" started when she grew a following after making them. Followers actually pay her $1.99 a minute to watch her free herself from various contraptions.


It's amazing what people can do to make money doing these days, am I right?

Cash or not, there's no way I'm sticking myself in something without absolutely certainty I'm getting out.

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I mean, I panic when I get my head stuck in my shirt or when the handle on the door "jumps out" and grabs me.

Things get ugly real quick and I'm ready to throw hands.

Like who does this door think it is grabbing me?

Freeing Sydney Jo

In the video Sydney says that she normally picks items she knows she can free herself from relatively easily but this time around, she wasn't able to get out.

After she realized she wouldn't be able to free herself, she called the fire department for help. Upon arrival, firefighters attempted to cut the chair with bolt cutters but were still unable to free her and had to turn to the jaws of life.


How did she remain calm that entire time? Yeah, she was swearing a bit but I would've been losing my mind. Even the firefighters were extremely calm.

They're over here acting like that was something they see everyday.

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