The latest long-range forecast released from National Weather Service via the Climate Prediction Center indicates Michigan may be in for a warmer, drier winter than usual.

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Temperature Outlook for Winter 2023-24 in Michigan

Forecast models are leaning toward an expectation for above normal temperatures for parts of Michigan south of a line from around Port Huron to Muskegon, according to the most recent outlook for January, February and March 2024 published by the weather agencies.

Photo via Climate Prediction Center
Photo via Climate Prediction Center

There's even greater confidence that temperatures will likely be above normal this winter north of that Port Huron-Muskegon line, including Traverse City, Mackinac Island and the Upper Peninsula.

Precipitation Outlook for Winter 2023-24 in Michigan

There is only one state in the whole country where the entire state has a 40-50% probability to experience below normal precipitation this winter, and that's Michigan.

Photo via Climate Prediction Center
Photo via Climate Prediction Center

Parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota share that likelihood as well - but there are portions of each of those states where the confidence isn't as great. There's also a 40-50% probability for parts of Washington, Idaho and Montana to have a drier than normal winter.

Does This Mean Michigan Won't See Any Snow This Winter?

Even if this forecast is dead on, there should still be plenty of opportunities for snow lovers in Michigan to get their fix this winter.

Keep in mind that even if temperatures trend slightly above normal, it will likely still be cold enough to support snowfall at times when those types of weather systems work their way past the state.

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For instance, in January the normal high in Lansing averages 30 with a low of 16. Even if temperatures trended 10 degrees above normal (not likely), it would still be cold enough to snow.

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