Entertaining ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic means for a lot of us, scrolling through ebay to see if anything good pops up. That is how I found some very interesting things from Michigan that you can purchase on ebay. Some may even call them treasures.

First up is a Native Michigan oxidized "Splash" Copper Freeform art piece that also looks like an alien. Bonus!! From the copper mines of the U.P. this item sells on ebay for $32.99.

cvisions via ebay

Next up, we have this rare vintage Michigan State College Varsity football jacket patch.  Note it's MSC not MSU which was before the school made the change. This rare item sells for $100.

buyitnow61052 via ebay

History buffs will love this next item. A large group of belongings from a Veteran of the `1st and 7th Michigan Cavalry. This amazing piece of history is selling for $3,900.00.

cwsutler6165 via ebay

Just in time for Valentines Day, here is a 'hand picked' heart shaped rock from Lake Michigan. The seller wants you to know that this rock can also be used as a paper weight. Could be yours for $15.00.

apblo-96 via ebay

This could be the year to open that food truck you always wanted. As the threat of the COVID virus continues more and more people want to eat out but not inside. A food truck could be the perfect solution. This 28 foot food concession trailer is used but in great condition and could be yours for only $33,000.00.

usedvending via ebay

Proving that you can buy just about anything online, I present to you a Police Stun Gun 928 640 BV. This little security must-have also is a heavy duty flashlight. I know you are probably thinking "game changer," well this little item can be yours for only $17.45.

usadeals* via ebay

There you have it! Those are just a few of the things I came across while searching through ebay. There's plenty more Michigan treasures to be found though, if you want to take a look for yourself.

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