You've had it marked on your calendar for months, I'm sure - and now, it's National French Fry Day. Today we celebrate the greatest of side dishes, with free or cheap french fries. Plus, you have a chance today to win big money for being America's finest "Ketchup Artist"

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It's thought that french fries got their name when American soldiers going off to World War I arrived in Belgium and had Belgian fries. But the official language of the Belgian Army was French, so our grandfathers made up their own name (that's why we love 'em) and called them French fries (and thankfully ignored all the Canadian soldiers who insisted they put cheese and gravy on them and call them "poutine" the the Dutch who told them to cover them with mayonnaise).

Today, on National French Fry Day, you'll find a lot of places will offer free or cheap french fries. According to USA Today, a lot of these deals are geared to get you to download the apps for the major fast-food places (McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's)

However, if you have some artistic talent, Heinz Ketchup (not catsup) and restaurants involved in the Great American Takeout will award you $1869 for the best ketchup art. Even if you don't have any skill, I would think stepping on several ketchup packets in a stark white room could be considered modern art and might just win it all. Good luck.

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