Congratulations to Bryan Abell, 23, an Army ROTC Cadet at MSU just set the Guinness World Record for doing that fun exercise known as "burpees". In his hometown of Milford, on Sunday, Bryan did 4689 burpees in 12 hours, which should be the record once Guinness confirms it. And, I've seen the video - Bryan does them the proper way - chest-to-ground, with his arms out.

According to, Bryan called it "Burpees For A Purpose". Not only did he set the record, but he did it as a fundraiser as Co-Executive Director of "Stronger Warrior Foundation, a non-profit that raises money for soldiers and their families.

To train, Bryan did 1,500 burpees a day. He says, "I'd go into my backyard and just start doing burpees. My dad wasn't very happy because I put a huge hole in the lawn."

He got the record, but didn't raise the $4,500 goal for the Stronger Warrior Foundation. He's still a couple thousand short but if you click this link, you'll go to the Facebook page that's been set up to accept donations.

Nice job, Bryan. Here's the whole story.


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