Tonight, the world will watch as Texas Tech and Virginia battle it out to see who will be the 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion. Of course, Michigan State's Spartans fans will speculate about the "what ifs" of the tournament. In some bars and homes, both Spartans and Wolverines will curse the Texas Tech Red Raiders - and say, "wait until next year".

We have the first polls from next year. Good news - it looks like Michigan State and Michigan can both say, "wait until next year" with some authority.

According to The Detroit News, Sporting News has released their "way-too-early" Top 25 rankings for college basketball. Michigan is ranked #4 and Michigan State is ranked NUMBER TWO! Probably because Cassius Winston and most of his friends will be back next year. Not gonna lie - I'm going to miss Matt McQuaid and Kenny Goins, but we have some good recruits coming on board next year - including a guy named Rocket Watts, who, according to, will be officially signing with Michigan State, soon. And with a name like "Rocket", how can you NOT be a fan?

Virginia is ranked #1 in the poll and Texas Tech? They don't even show up in the Top 25.

Wow. Guess they better win tonight.

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