Michigan State is generally known as a college basketball powerhouse, but this is the first time they've started the season ranked on top.

Izzo and the Spartans received 60 of the 65 first place votes in the AP preseason poll, with Kentucky and Kansas following in second and third. This is not the first time that the Spartans have been ranked 1st, but the first time ever in the preseason. With Winston coming back as a POY candidate, Michigan State is poised for a very good season.

Michigan State will start the season officially at their Midnight Madness event on Friday the 25th. The number 1 ranking will get tested very early though as the Spartans are taking on Kentucky in a huge 1 vs 2 game on November 5th.

The rest of the top 25 shaped out like this according to ESPN.

1. Michigan State (60)
2. Kentucky (2)
3. Kansas (3)
4. Duke
5. Louisville
6. Florida
7. Maryland
8. Gonzaga
9. North Carolina
10. Villanova
11. Virginia
12. Seton Hall
13. Texas Tech
14. Memphis
15. Oregon
16. Baylor
17. Utah State
18. Ohio State
19. Xavier
20. Saint Mary's (California)
21. Arizona
22. LSU
23. Purdue
24. Auburn
25. VCU

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