Next year, Michigan State will welcome their new football recruit, Jack Bouwmeester. Jack will actually be on campus next month, as an early enrollee. Be nice and help him out, 'cause he's not from around here. He's grew up down south. Like, in Australia. Southern Australia.

Yep, were getting an Aussie punter! According to, Jack has played Australian rules football his whole life and was a great cricket player, but he's never played American football. Doesn't really matter - all he has to do is kick - and he's apparently impressed enough people in charge with his kicking to get a scholarship. He's from a town called Bendigo, which is just north of Melbourne.

Is he a Keith Urban fan? I don't know - maybe he HATES Keith Urban and Olivia Newton-John. (Who am I kidding? Who could hate those two?)

So, when he shows up next month (jeez, from Australia to Michigan, in January?), if you run into him on campus -  be nice, help him with the bus schedule so he can get to class and teach him how to play euchre. And maybe he'll help you by explaining what the heck is going on when they play the Cricket World Cup this summer.


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