So, it's November 4th and here in Lansing, Michigan the forecast for today is mostly sunny skies with a high temperature of 73. The crazy warm temperatures this week have many people in Michigan wondering when we will get some snow, or at least some colder temperatures. Well, neither will be hitting our state any time soon and it appears that if you want to see some snow you'll need to head to Nevada where they are seeing their first big snowstorm of the season.

According to the LA Times, the storm dumped more than a foot of snow over Lake Tahoe, and tourism officials at Mammoth Mountain say that their area received up to 30 inches. The heavy snow is actually a good thing for that area as they've been battling drought conditions for quite some time and officials say the snow could be a significant contribution to the state's water resource--if it falls in the right places at the right pace. (Which, of course, it always does...) ;)

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