When you're watching all of the pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl this year, you'll want to switch over to the Animal Planet at 3pm on Sunday, February 2nd because we've got a Michigan puppy to cheer for in this year's Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. According to the Blue Water Humane Society Facebook page, a Michigan rescue dog named Logan will be part of the roster of over 90 puppies participating in Puppy Bowl XVI.

Logan is one of six puppies who were rescued from a puppy mill situation by officials with the St. Clair County Animal Control. According to their post, Logan and the other puppies that were rescued were diagnosed with Sarcoptic mange which is a highly contagious skin disease. The puppies had next to no hair and had to be treated for the mange and secondary skin infections. After several months of treatment, Logan and his brothers were all clear and Logan went on to be adopted.

You can watch for Logan during Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL XVI which will air on Sunday, February 2nd at 3PM ET/12PM PT.

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