Here's something you don't read everyday - a recycling center in Grand Rapids had to be evacuated on Tuesday when someone discovered a live Civil War era cannonball on the processing line.

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According to the Detroit Free Press, Grand Rapids police were called to the ReimagineTrash Kent County Michigan Department Public Works Recycling & Education Center, Tuesday afternoon, when workers discovered a 6-inch, 6-pound (who weighed it to find out?) cannonball on the line. Officers said it was live, with a percussion cap-style detonator. They proceeded to clear the center and call the Michigan State Police bomb squad to remove the cannonball.

Next time, call the bomb squad, eliminate the middle man and have them do home pickup. Much easier.

And, with all the aluminum cans I have piling up - I plan to buy an M1841 6-pound cannon once this pandemic is over and we can recycle again.

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