Everyone is smart in their own way, let's look at where Michiganders rank when compared to the other states.

I am the type of person who firmly believes that there are different kinds of "smarts."

You've got your "book smart" people who always got good grades and really know how to handle tough or educational topics. Then there are your "street smart" people, the ones who just really know their way around in general and in each type of situation. One of the ones I hold most dear to me is "emotional smarts" and these are the type of people who really just "get" people!

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However, education is extremely important in our society and we are lucky that we can all choose how far we would like to go with it.

You want to stick with your high school diploma? Great! You want to learn a trade instead of going to college? We need people like you! You want to go to college and earn the entire alphabet in degrees? Awesome, we also need people like you.

We need people from every educational background to make our way of life work the way it does.

However, education is still extremely important and is something state and local governments strive to give opportunities to the people in their states.

So where are the most and least educated states?

Well, when WalletHub looked into this by comparing each state against 18 different metrics ranging from "educational attainment" to quality of their schools in general and here's what they found.

Based on their findings, WalletHub concluded that the number-one, most educated state for 2021 is Massachusetts.

Michigan came in at #27, so pretty much in of middle of the pack.

Source: WalletHub

This really got me thinking, though, how COVID will impact this generation that is currently in K-12 schools. We are coming up on a year since many have been switched over to virtual learning and I just have to wonder if this will have any impact on where they decide to go from there or even if people will realize, in all of this, new passions they want to follow?

There is really a lot to be said about where states rank in education and it absolutely does not mean the people there are any less intelligent, especially when I, personally, think about the three different "types" of intelligence that are all important.

While we are comparing the education here in the states, let's expand that view to around the world and how the pandemic has affected learning everywhere:

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