I've always been fascinated by true crime stories, and I like to read about all types of true crimes that have been committed here in Michigan.

In this article, not only is this story all about true crimes that have been committed, it actually involves senior citizens from Michigan.

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Are you ready to learn about Michigan's most wanted prison escapees? Well, it just so happens that they are all senior citizens.

The Michigan Department of Corrections defines an escapee as:

A prisoner who escaped from a prison, a minimum security camp, the Special Alternative Incarceration (bootcamp) Program, a Technical Rule Violation center, a corrections center or who broke their electronic tether. In addition, prisoner who escape from a non-Michigan Department of Corrections location, such as from a county jail while out of prison on a writ, are also included.

And according to the Michigan Department of Corrections, there are 26 people listed as Michigan's most wanted escapees.

Every single one of them is still at large and no one knows exactly where they are. At this point, they are all senior citizens. Could these escapees still be in Michigan, or did they move out of state with a little help from a family member or possibly a few friends?

All 26 escapees should be considered dangerous and possibly armed. My question is, what's it going to take to apprehend all the escapees and put them back behind bars?

These 26 Michigan Senior Citizens Are Escaped Convicts

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, there are precisely 26 Michigan senior citizens listed as most wanted escapees. Take a look through the list and contact the police if you have any information.

There you have it. All of Michigan's 26 most wanted escapees. I would suggest that the police start looking for them at bingo halls or at restaurants with early bird specials.

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