So what's a social district you ask, well it's an area where folks can buy and drink beer, wine, or spirits in a designated common area outside it's walls or patio spaces of the bar or restaurant from where it was bought. Sounds like a cool place to mingle and meet new friends, count me in.

So as we head into warmer weather and Michigan, some communities are ready for “social districts”.  This idea from the initiative that advocates says it will encourage social and economic involvement in downtown areas.

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Get our free mobile app says a 2020 law will let local governments apply for a permit to have certain restaurants with liquor licenses as social districts. How about this, the law would allow areas between restaurants in the districts to have alcohol in marked glasses or cups, and allow them to be enjoyed in the area and outdoors. I guess its time to get all your friends together.

The idea is growing as communities hope for summer boom and as residents look for fun outdoors after months of isolation. So far, 39 cities and villages have authorized social districts in 23 counties. They include Wyandotte, Northville and Mount Clements as well as Petoskey, Dundee, Saugatuck, and Ludington outstate.

The push for social districts may not have happened without the pandemic, said John McNamara, He is the vice president for government affairs at the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association.

Hopefully there will be more things like this in Michigan to follow.. After being stuck indoors during most of the pandemic, folks are so excited to get out and enjoy all we can this spring and summer.  I know I sure am.

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