Have you ever been to New Orleans? I've been there twice. And it's a non-stop party on Bourbon Street. (They never stop partying there, but they do slow down a bit on Mondays - and then it starts all over.) And there's nothing more fun than walking through the French Quarter with a Hurricane (drink) in your hand, watching the show. But, of course, that's New Orleans - you can't do that in Michigan. Yet.

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According to MLive.com, Michigan State Rep. Michael Webber, has introduced a bill that would allow for "drinking districts", as a way to support local bars and restaurants, which have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday, bars and restaurants up north will be opening up, but will be limited to 50% occupancy. The rest of Michigan will see the same situation very soon (I hope). As a way to help that situation, under this bill, bar customers could buy drinks and then leave the premises, drinking outdoors as long as they stayed in the designated area. You can see this would be a big help in areas like Lansing's Old Town, Ann Arbor's Main Street, downtown Traverse City and Mackinac Island.

The bill still has to jump through several hoops to become law - but get your Mardi Gras beads ready - it might happen.

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