MLive reports that the "northern lights could explode in color over Michigan tonight", but some places will get a better show than others.

Tonight's northern lights could be visible to those all the way down at Michigan's southern boarder, but cloud cover may hinder viewing in some locations. MLive's meteorologist Mark Torregrossa says most Michigander's north of I-96 should have clear enough skies to see the lights, but those south of that may have too much cloud coverage. Same goes for some on the western end of the U.P.

If you want to catch the show, experts advise to find the darkest place possible while also having a clear view of the northern horizon. The farther north within Michigan you are, the farther overhead you'll have to look. If you're a bit more southern within the Mitten, the northern lights will be most visible along the horizon. Get more details HERE.

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