It was absolutely beautiful out earlier this week, so I'm obviously about to take advantage of it. I went for a hike at Lake Lansing Park North in Haslett and went over to The Watershed after to hangout on their patio and grab a bite to eat.

As I'm waiting for my bill, I overhear a conversation about this guys experience BULL RIDING! I'm not talking about a mechanical bull either. I'm not really one to eaves drop, so I didn't catch the entire story, all I knew is that he was injured from the event.

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I leave and I'm still mind blown that this dude rode a bull. I'm over here thinking about the time I tried to ride a mechanical one and flew off as soon as it started. So I decided to talk about it on air with Caddy.

Turns out, the gentleman heard us talking about it and sent us a message on Facebook. His names Donavin Vonhatten and this was his first time riding a bull at the 3 Bar B Rodeo Co. in Adrian, Michigan.

Like I said, I had no idea the extent of his injuries so we chatted about his first experience bull riding. His ride lasted 5.88 seconds and he suffered three hair line fractures in his right leg, a "crush fracture" in his foot, bruising on his left leg and cuts from the bulls hooves on his arm.

Here's the video of Vonhatten's ride.

Despite his injuries Vonhatten said he's very proud of his ride and plans to do it again and hopefully make a little money.

I’m proud of my ride and I’d like to see more people get into the sport IF they’re up to the challenge and they EDUCATE themselves on how to be as safe as possible!

Which poses a question, what education does Vonhatten have riding? He's received coaching from his friends Jake Wylie from Webberville and James Betts, who also rode that night. Besides his coaching, he's done one drunken mechanical bull ride and a lot of observing.

Only training I had was watching past PBR rodeos from 2015-present and some coaching from Jake Wylie. Lots of siting in a chair and mimicking the form of the riders on the tv and one drunken ride on the mechanical bull at Tequila Cowboy a few years back but I don’t remember that night only stories from friends.

If you're interested in bull riding, here's a place in Michigan that will show you how to get started.

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