He could have told the cashier (who knew him) that he was out of gas and needed some help. Instead, he's facing a possible felony charge. Police are investigating an armed robbery of a Monroe County gas station where the suspect stole a full tank of gas and nothing more.

According to Mlive, police were called to the Lightning Quick Gas & Go in Petersburg for the reported armed robbery. The station’s clerk told police that a man, who was a regular customer at the station, pointed a gun at him and ordered him turn on the gas pumps.

The man was a passenger in the vehicle. He refueled the car, got back in his car and left. The suspect is a 29 year man. Police have not located him for questioning. The event is under investigation. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Deputies Rico Galimberti and Jacob Llewellyn at 734-240-7509.

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