With Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer lifting the "Stay At Home" order today, those of us who reside in The Mitten can now enjoy the same freedoms that our neighbors Up North have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks.

But this new freedom still doesn't include hair salons. Or in my case, the barber shop.

I used to have a colleague here at the radio station who has since retired. We will call him Geoff because, well that's what his name is. Geoff and I had this thing that we would get our hair cuts almost on the same days and then show up freshly shorn for work. Now neither of us ever knew when the other guy was going to get a haircut, it just happened that way. Our joke used to be "I get my haircut every 8 weeks, whether I need it or not".

Well now, since the COVID-19 pandemic has started I haven't been able to get a haircut, just like a lot of people. And that means I haven't had a haircut since February 14th. And no, I didn't get my haircut because it was Valentine's Day. I got it cut because it was 8 weeks and I was due.

So now as I do the math, this Friday will be 16 weeks. 16 weeks!!!

That's exactly twice as long as I wait to get a haircut and it feels like my hair is twice as long, too. But I'm hanging in there. Even through all of the eye rollings and shaking heads at the house, and even more comments like, "Why don't you just let me cut your hair?".

I have another friend who found one of those old Flobee's at his house and used that. You've heard of those right? It was a hair cutting system with clippers that are attached to a vaccuum cleaner that found some poplarity in the 1990's. I should've invested and held on to one I guess because I won't be buying one now. Those things are going for two and three hundred dollars these days. So I'll save my money, grow my hair, and wait for the Phase whatever that opens up the barber shop.

What Phase is that anyway?

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