The word “basic” has evolved over the years. Urban Dictionary defines it as someone who is
only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending
The typical “starter pack” for a basic girl in 2020 would include UGG boots or Vans shoes (dependent on weather), Lululemon leggings, a zippy from PINK, a hydro flask covered in stickers, and pumpkin spice anything.
Based on these things alone you probably wouldn’t consider yourself “basic” but you’d be surprised to know that Michiganders are more basic than they realize.
The furniture company, Joybird, chose 50 basic things and found out how much each state was searching for each one. This included things like PSL, The Bachelor, eyelash extensions, messy bun, Billie Eilish, Bath & Body Works candles, scrunchies, and a North Face fleece. All things basic.

New York was ranked as the most basic state in America with Adidas being their most searched item, but Michigan was just shy of the top 10 placing at #12 on the most basic list. But what exactly makes us basic? Apparently, it’s Friends. Yes, the iconic 90’s sitcom that still brings us laughs all these years later. Not only that, it was the most searched “basic” thing out of all 50 items on the list.

You’ll never hear the saying “live laugh love” come out of my mouth and I’m not a pumpkin spice fan, however, if sitting on the couch watching a classic tv show with my messy bun and a Bath & Body Works candle burning makes me basic, then I’ll accept the title.

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