Not only is Michigan a beautiful state, but cities like Lansing and East Lansing offer some really nice parks that people can enjoy for free. Now if you are planning a large get together and want to use some of the sheltered areas, there may be a charge for that, but the park itself is a free visit. Eaton and Ingham counties have many offerings of all kinds. 


You will find your normal small little neighborhood parks that are nice to visit and enjoy the surroundings. We’ve also got some quite large parks, some that have bodies of water, and some that have playgrounds for the kids. The parks I like the most are the ones with trails for walking, jogging and biking. And in the winter you can even do some snow shoeing. My wife and I enjoy walking the trails at some of the parks. 


Now not everyone uses parks for physical activities, some of us also enjoy a nice picnic in the park, or as I mentioned earlier maybe a family get together with the kids and friends. Whatever the reason, there are very nice parks just waiting for you to come and enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. We need to get outside and enjoy this nice summer weather we are experiencing, because before you know it, summer will be over with old man winter right around the corner. 

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I’ve found 40 parks of all sizes and shapes that can accommodate most any activity you are interested in. We have even more parks in our area, but this is a good list to start with. Get out and enjoy our parks. That’s what they are there for. 

40 Lansing Area Parks Where You Can Enjoy The Outdoors

The Lansing area has lots of parks of every kind

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