Officials with the Michigan State Police announced more details today about Michigan's new Amber Alert-like system to quickly warn people of emergencies in the state such as mass shootings, terrorist attacks and other nearby threats. According to a report from the Associated Press, the new system can be used to interrupt radio and TV broadcasting in the affected area and a wireless emergency alert can also be issued that will appear on mobile devices similar to a text message.

According to the Michigan State Police, here are some of the new criteria for issuing an alert:

• A specific and identifiable threat exists that is not a natural disaster.
• The threat is immediate and ongoing.
• The threat impacts the safety and welfare of the general public.
• The suspect(s) have not been apprehended and remain a threat to public safety.
• An area-wide broadcast via the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) has been issued.
• Sufficient information to protect the public from danger is available to disseminate.