Here's another one from the files of your friendly Michigan DNR:

In November, soldiers patrolling Camp Grayling, in northern Michigan, where U.S. National Guard and military reserve units go to train, suspected somebody was deer hunting in their Joint Maneuver Training Center. (This would be the same Joint Maneuver Training Center used to train crews of Abrams M1A1 tanks. Tanks that weigh 60 tons and shoot large, 120mm projectiles.)

According to, this person hadn't wandered onto the base by mistake. This person had climbed a fence to get onto the base. My guess would be that soldiers would track the guy down and scare the you-know-what out of him. Instead, the base called the Michigan DNR and one of their conservation officers tracked him and found the hunter sitting with his rifle, waiting for 'da turdy-point buck.

I still think they should've driven an Abrams tank down the deer path toward him. But, that's just me.


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