Currently, you can own a Taser in Michigan, but you cannot own a stun gun. They get confused a lot, but Tasers shoot out the electrified barbs from several feet away - stun guns have to have the contacts at the end of the device pressed against the skin. So, you need to be up close and personal. (A Taser is what the kid used in the first "The Hangover" movie to take down Zach Galifianakis. Then Rob Riggle, playing the cop, had to finish Zach off with a stun gun. I love that scene. Yep - now you know what I'm talking about) Part of the confusion comes from the fact that some stun guns are made by the Taser company - but stun guns are not "Tasers". I'm sure that clears it all

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So, right now, you can own a Taser in Michigan - IF - you have a concealed carry permit, but stun guns are still banned. According to ClickOnDetroit, the Michigan House has just passed a bill that would make it legal for anyone 18 or older to own a stun gun. We'll keep you updated.

Here's the story. I'm off to watch "The Hangover" again.


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