I've seen a few coyotes up close while deer hunting. Years ago, I had one come right up to the back door of my hunting blind before I saw it - and it saw me. Then I watched as it went right into the opening I was watching for deer. Talk about chaos. Deer running everywhere.

Since then I've seen more and more. I've spooked then out of fence-rows, gotten so close to a pack of them, after dark, that I wondered what I was going to do if we crossed paths (we didn't, and I know they don't hunt in packs, so they were probably fairly young pups).

Obviously, they're getting to be a problem. So, according to MLive.com, the DNR just made coyote hunting a year round sport here in Michigan. It used to be July 15th - April 15th. It probably won't change a whole lot overall, but it might take give people a few more options where the population is out of control.


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