Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the "season of giving". You might be feeling extra giving this year - a little more charitable, a little closer to your neighbors and co-workers. But, if you really want to go that extra mile, you might want to turn to the person in that cubicle next to yours right now and whisper, "You know, if you ever need a liver, I'd give you half of mine."

Go ahead. Tell them. We'll wait.

There. Doesn't that feel better?

It's not like you're the only one willing to do that. Some guy in Grand Rapids did just that earlier this year. According to, in February, Michigan State Trooper David Burr, 28, of Grand Rapids, donated half of his liver to Trooper Christopher Boven, 37, of North Muskegon. Trooper Boven had been the officer who trained Burr while both were based at the MSP Post in Rockford, Michigan. Trooper Boven had been living with a chronic liver disease since he was a kid (not like YOUR co-worker, who will probably need a new liver because of all those margaritas at Punk Taco).

To be fair, after Trooper Boven found out he would need a transplant, tons of fellow State Troopers volunteered, but Burr was the match. The transplant took place at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit last February and three months later, both livers had regrown to normal size. Because Mother Nature loves fully functioning livers - which says a LOT about her tailgating habits.

Congratulations to both Troopers. I hope you're reading this aloud to your co-worker.



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