Now that people are getting back to work and having some normalcy they are feeling the need to give back. I love the feeling of going out of my way to help someone or make a donation. Just feels so good.  Most do it, not because they have to, but because they want to. I remember mom used to always say whatever you give, you get back 10 times. So let's all do something to help someone in need today.

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They say you can go more than three weeks without food, but only three days without water. That's why The City Rescue Mission of Lansing has joined with Humankind to make sure folks have plenty to drink with clean healthy water according to

Nobody Should Go Hungry

I hate the thought of anyone going hungry, especially kids. That's why we all need to do our part to help.

Ben Newman, the director of the men's shelter at The City Rescue Mission of Lansing said, “Three Things that we serve here: food, shelter, and hope. And water is a big part of the food that we provide during the summer, Newman said that's when water is needed the most, especially the last couple of weeks.


It has been pretty hot this summer and the homeless seem to always be carrying or pushing something. Bottled water is something that's easy to carry and will last a while.

Anna Kim
Anna Kim

Yes, You Can Help Too

They do you a great job at the shelter, so join me and make a donation at  You will feel great after your donation. Let's give back today in some way.

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