They're baaaaack...

According to WDIV, stink bug season in Michigan is about to begin. And, experts say it may be even worse than last year. Stink bugs can affect fruit, vegetable, and other crops, but otherwise, they're pretty harmless. So even if this season is worse, there are some ways to address the issue.

First, know how to spot this invasive species. Stink bugs are brown, shield-shaped bugs that are about a half inch to three-quarters inch long and their "legs and antennae are banded brown and white." If you see them, don't freak out (I know, easier said than done sometimes). Just put a couple inches of water into a bucket, add a little soap, and then sweep the stink bug into the bucket. This is the easiest, non-toxic way to get rid of the bugs. Also, take a moment to do a sweep around the house for for any "gaps around window air-conditioners or holes in window screens and block them off" because that's the easiest way for the bugs to get in. To read more on this season's stink bug issue, click here.

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