Get ready to dip into your wallet a little more for gas. The average price of a gallon in the U.S. is now $2.40, and that is up 15 cents from a month ago, and the highest we paid since early March of last year when the country began locking down to deal with COVID-19. This is not good news for the economy of course.  If I remember right over the years gas has always risen in price in late spring, just in time for summer driving vacations.

The news here in Michigan is not any better according to

Gas prices in Michigan continued their upward spike, increasing 11 cents from last week. Michigan drivers are now paying an average of $2.50 per gallon for regular unleaded, which is the highest price seen since January of 2020.

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Gas prices are 32 cents more now than this time last month and about 12 cents than this time last year.

I remember when I lived in Philadelphia in the early 2000s when gas got up to almost 5 dollars a gallon all across America. It was a hundred bucks to fill up your tank. For families on a tight budget this was devastating. Let's hope with the pandemic we are not headed in that direction again. The good news is AAA says "It's likely that drivers will only see this trend continue through the month of February."

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